Saturday, July 13, 2013

Then You Might Really Know What It's Like

Years after the movie came out, [Spike] Lee told an interviewer, "White people still ask me why Mookie threw the can through the window. ...Twenty years later, they're still asking me that."

"No black person ever, in 20 years, no person of color has ever asked me why," he said.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not to eulogize someone I don't know,

Gandolfini was much more than an actor. He was the main character of a hit show about a city that doesn't exist anymore, about a culture that slowly eroded while Sopranos was in production. He played an antihero, a psychotic murderer and was loved for it. But my thoughts aren't about morals or sensation. Moreover, everyone I've ever met or worked with involved with that show has helped foster a sense of pride. I've never not worked with those people and felt something exciting and giddy. All of those were real people, men and women proud of the job they did. While Gandolfini was almost as complicated of a guy as Tony Soprano, the group that helped flesh out a fictitious North Jersey crime family will never be topped.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Name Is Our Distress

Holy shit CreepShots dot Com is the worst fucking thing on the internet

(h/t Miles Klee)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Be The Intern You Think Your Company Would Most Like To Exploit

I finally got around to reading that Jezebel post about interns (I'm not linking, Google that shit on your own). Needless to say, it's a pile of judgmental shit. It does incorporate the warning of beware the advice you take because all of it SOUNDS good and therefore probably would be easy to gobble up. So I can't shake it for providing some encouragement.

But it's still wrong and bad advice.

If I could surmise, it's all fit in and stand back. Which is really similar to cults, minus the snappy clothing and chanting (or whatever the fuck cults do). No, it's obvious observation masked as information, sold to people's without the resources to know better.

Why does anyone need advice? What is the need for internships before being employed? The first year after formal schooling is one of tremendous transition. A person spends 14 to 16 years of their lives in a rigid structure, facilitating the activity of learning. Then, thrust from the cradle of understanding, they drop in to the working world.

This is a hardly a time to advise.

No, triage would be more useful.

But, alas, this Jezebel post falls into the same trap that most "psst! hey, kid? you wanna get ahead?" posts, offering little at the price of the substance for our future.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Posing A Question

(photo via Carlovely)
*calls up Saint Vitus*
Ticket Office Bro: Vitus.
Me: I had a question about your show accommodations.
TCB: Fully stocked bar, three bathrooms. No drugs, only music.
M: I'm more interested in your cat policy.
TCB:How's that?
M: Do you provide cats to talk to, or can I bring my own?
TCB: You mean like a hooker?
M: Felines, domestic house cats.
TCB: The fuck?
M: You see, I like stoner metal but the crowd is a bunch of the false and I really don't want to socialize with bros.
TCB: I see. So you want to bring a pet?
M: That's a possible request.
TCB: The answer is no.
M: Might you suggest an alternative venue?
TCB: Try the clam shack up the street.
*sounds of meowing*
M: Get down, Missy! Okay thanks.