Thursday, May 16, 2013

Posing A Question

(photo via Carlovely)
*calls up Saint Vitus*
Ticket Office Bro: Vitus.
Me: I had a question about your show accommodations.
TCB: Fully stocked bar, three bathrooms. No drugs, only music.
M: I'm more interested in your cat policy.
TCB:How's that?
M: Do you provide cats to talk to, or can I bring my own?
TCB: You mean like a hooker?
M: Felines, domestic house cats.
TCB: The fuck?
M: You see, I like stoner metal but the crowd is a bunch of the false and I really don't want to socialize with bros.
TCB: I see. So you want to bring a pet?
M: That's a possible request.
TCB: The answer is no.
M: Might you suggest an alternative venue?
TCB: Try the clam shack up the street.
*sounds of meowing*
M: Get down, Missy! Okay thanks.

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