Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pro Tips For Autodidacts

(via thecallus)

Forgive me, this post is about as old and stale as the trefoils cookies open next to my desk. I'd probably do better by letting it slide (the post, not the cookies) but I feel a though I must say something. For those not familiar, Chris Mohney wrote his own dismissal and months later the internet picked up on the ruse. As a place known for pranking and unmitigated hijinks, the news was greeting with a "meh" and little was done. It did however spark a question of what Mohney would do next as his unexpected firing left him unemployed and with a family to care for. As a former editor for Gawker and BlackBook, Mohney's options would be limited but all the more interesting. He's an experienced editor and, unlike many of his former coworkers and employers, an adult. How would he be bounce back from the shuttering of Storyboard, an original Tumblr publication that vied to direct the average view away from the sizable cache of gif porn (and porn gifs)? The answer became less interesting when one considers what kind of company Tumblr is.

Enter the judging public.

I don't know much about The Callus, but he seems like a hawk of observation. I don't know why he thinks what Mohney's done is childish but sure, pranking is juvenile and really doesn't help him in his pursuit of looking for a job. But is it childish to make your employer look like a fool simply because said employer can't be bother to understand the context of what is being written for him? Wouldn't the person controlling an $800 million dollar (excuse me while I cough for the next minute) empire be more savvy than to let the person he was letting go have the last word? I don't know. I'm not a doctor. But it's great to have bloggers like The Callus ready to jump up and yell "mud" in a mud slinging pit. Childish? Who? Mohney? Or the people he was working for?

And the bragging about this makes him unemployable? I'm not sure where that comes from. I'm willing to bet the "bragging" was an offhand comment he made when asked about his abrupt termination. And if he's unemployable, what the hell makes him a liability to company who would be interested hiring him? If anything working for Tumblr would make his future employers less interested, not the other way around.

Also, good job on pointing out Mohney's apparent pride considering this advice is apropos of nothing. I can't think of anything more prideful than unsolicited advice. I really doubt the poster considered much more than his own insecurities before offering his input. If anything, Mohney would do well considering it a good reason to move away from the immature Tumblr landscape and, you know, be a fucking adult.

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